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Our experienced trainers are here to help you and your dog achieve the amazing results!

What we Offer?

We train dog both for professional use and for families. We can offer you dog training courses for your own dog or already trained dogs for sale.

Special Service Dog Training

Our experienced team spent many years in service dogs training and helping people and children all over the world. We have closely cooperated with many charities providing fully trained service dogs, autism, diabetic alert, seizure, disability..

Residential Training

Residential dog training has been shown to be the fastest and most effective way to train your dog and correct any behavioural problems.
Don't worry - your dog is not going in the kennel. In this type of training your dog will live with us 24/7 in a house or in flat. That means that your dog will have training 16 hours per day, because it is the only type of training that can really help you and your dog.

Dogs for sale

Alfa dogs offers you fully trained family dogs - perfect pet or family protection. Each dog is house trained and trained to the highest level of obedience.
Feel free to contact us for all the details.

Dogs for sale

Check out our offer of fully trained family dogs!

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