Who we are?

Firstly, we are dog lovers – in love with our job, happy to have opportunity to help someone and honoured to be in everyday company with all this beautiful dogs.

Our team has over 30 years of experience in dog behaviour training, but we are constantly learning and perfecting ourselves in this area.

No matter if you need your dog to become a perfect pet or family protection dog, you need to correct his bad house behaviour, or you need a special service dog training such as security, military or medical, we are here to help. Don’t hesistate to contact us for all the details!



“As a dog trainer with 30 years of experience, I was travelling all over the world and teaching other trainers how to be the best in this job. Many years in this beautiful job tought me that the most important thing is happy customer and his dog wagging his tail – nothing makes me happier then when I see this. All of our team members are professional in this job and I’m proud to be part of our highly skilled team of trainers and dog behaviour experts.”

 – Our Head Trainer Alan