What is our mission here and what kind of method we use?

Our mission is to help the owners in finding the best way to make bond with their dog. We use method such as food, clicker training, ball drive, tug toys and also, the most important thing what we use is body language of dogs, so we also teach owner how to recognise the signs what their dog is trying to tell them and how to stop the dog before he put you in very inconvenient situation.

Every day we meet dog owners with a lot of issues: pulling on leash, barking in the house, barking on other dogs, bad behaviour in the house, separation anxiety, dog aggression, human aggressions etc… In most of this cases we are the last chance for owners and they dogs because they already have been in some dog trainings and other dog schools. Many customers call us and say: “Please, can you help us? We’ve tried many different dog schools and they didn’t help us, so you are our last chance”. Usually, we say to the customer: “Yes, we can help you and fix your dog 75%, but 25% is on you, you need to deal with your dog by yourself, and we will teach you how by giving you good tips.”

If you see your self in this text please do not hesitate to call us. We can give you free advice or book residential training if is necessary.

Our services:

  • Dog Behaviour Training
  • Puppy training
  • Green dogs training
  • One to one session
  • Obidience training
  • IPO 1,2,3 S
  • Service dog training or medical alerts dog: Autism, Seizure, Diabetes, Disability etc..
  • Gun dogs training
  • Family protection training
  • Personal protection training
  • Perfect pet training

Here in Alfa Dogs Training Centre we do 3 types of dog training: residential training, family protection training and service dog training.

Residential training


When we say word “residential“, lots of people think that their dog is going in the kennel, but the answer is big NO! Why? Because all dogs live with their owners in their house or flat so it’s pointless if we put the dog in kennel and trained them twice a day and rest of the day leave them in the kennel. In that way dog will not learn anything.

That’s why our residential training course means that your dog will live with us 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. That means your dog will live in our house or flat with us – your dog will have training 16 hours per day. Only in this type of training we can help you and your dog.

In this type of training we can fix all the dog behaviour problems, such as barking, pulling on lead, dog aggression, people agression, bad house behaviour, …

In my 30 years of dog training career l trained more than one thousand dogs and failed only once – the owner was 74 year old and dog was cocker spaniel, 10 month old, working line hyper active dog, it didn’t fail with me, only with his owner, but yes, I take this as a fail.


Family Protection training

Our specially trained family protection dogs for sale will be part of your family, just like any other dog. They are safe around children, good with strangers and have an excellent temperament.

The big difference is that when needed, these dogs can call on their extra skills to protect your home and your family from intruders and those who would cause you harm. An alarm can be bypassed, a lock can be forced, but a family protection dog will stand its ground to protect what’s precious to you with its life.

We train our dogs to understand a situation and react to commands, rather than being equipment focused. Many protection dogs are trained using bite sleeves and are only focused on the training equipment. It is unlikely that your burglar or attacker will be wearing one! Instead, we train our dogs to not focus on the training tools, but to ‘warn’ and ‘attack’ on your command, and to stop just as quickly when instructed – making your family protection dog ready for to protect in any real life situation that may occur.

Special Service Dog training

  • Diabetic alert dogs
  • Seizure alert dogs
  • Dogs for disability
  • Dogs for autism


With many years of experience in service dog training, we can provide fully trained dogs for different purpose: autism, diabetic alert, seizure etc…

We’ve helped many charities with our service dogs, like “Paw For Smile” (Croatia), “ADI” (Switzerland) and we are still cooperating with “Grant A Wish” (Spain). We all know that if you want service dog from the charity, that is really long process and long waiting lists. So we start to think how we can accelerate this process!

What we do now, when family contact us and send us tasks and their demands, we don’t choose the puppy and wait one year to start the training. We try contact our breeders for all over Europe and try to find dog between 10 month and 14 month old, because dog in this age has passed the puppy stage but he is not too old for any type of training. We have very high criteries when we search for service dog – sometimes we go see and test more then 30 dogs and only one pass our test.

What we are looking for dogs is that dog needs to be house trained, dog need to be very friendly with people and small children, he need to have very big tolerance on body pain (autism), he need to be very social with other dogs and animals, very social in any enviroment sounds, medium drive and also high willing to learn, most important willing to please his owner.

Keep in mind – once in year we choose family who is most needed for service dog and we provide training for free of charge!